Top WeChat Official Accounts in the Netherlands

WeChat is the largest messaging app in China, which has currently 864 million active users. WeChat is also a useful branding tool for advertisers. WeChat Official Accounts can push posts to their followers.

One interesting thing is, for Chinese students studying abroad and Chinese expats overseas, WeChat is still one of the important social app. We use it to connect with our family and friends, follow some local WeChat Official Accounts to get relevant news.

So if your business focuses on Chinese students or Chinese expats, maybe you will be interested in local WeChat Official Accounts.

That’s why I’m doing this series of research: Top WeChat Official Accounts in Europe.

Today I will share the research in the Netherlands:
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3 Useful Online Tools To Buy A House In Netherlands

If you are planning on staying in Netherlands for over three years, it’s better to buy a property here.

I recommend 3 useful online tools to you through my experience.

1.Funda, Real Estate Portal


Language: Dutch and English
Price: Free

Actually, you can’t miss it if you want to buy a house here. It’s the biggest real estate platform which is owned by NVM, the largest trade association of real estate agents in Netherlands.

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